Professional veterinary services

Innovative methods and tools for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prophylaxis of pets.

We value your time, so we are strict and punctual in fulfilling our commitments. At your disposal are the latest advanced methods and tools for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prophylaxis.

We offer a friendly comfortable environment that predisposes and calms both patient and owner. Together with our team of energetic and proven professionals, you will be part of creating a treatment plan and its implementation.

Clinical exam

A thorough examination of each of our patients. Be patient when we ask in detail about their health and lifestyle - in order not to miss something important, it is necessary to know as much as possible about your pet. During the examination, we often find significant problems, not always related to the reason that brought you to us. It is important for us not only to cure your animal when it is sick but also to make its life better.
For this, we pay significant attention to prevention and owner awareness.


Vaccinations protect your pet from many dangerous and often fatal diseases. A well-chosen vaccination schedule prevents many risks and worries. We work only with proven products in practice to ensure maximum effect.

ECG Diagnosis

We use it when we suspect heart problems.

Routinely, all anesthesia-related operations in the clinic are performed with complete monitoring of the patient.


We work with the most modern and safe anesthetics and we monitor the patient at all times. The long experience and cooperation of the surgical team of the "Julyvet" clinic allow us to take on a wide range of complex surgical procedures. The postoperative period is very important and that is why we want the animal to wake up and recover at the clinic.

Laboratory diagnostics

Parasitological examinations of hair, skin, feces, blood, etc. allow us to detect external and internal parasites. We recommend fecal tests for parasites in all dogs and cats up to 3 months of age. The complete blood count is one of the fastest testing methods that we routinely offer and perform during the clinical examination. It gives us extremely useful information about the current state of the immune system and directs us to a number of 'hidden' conditions. The biochemical examination of blood gives us very valuable information about the functioning of the organs in the body of the animal. In adult, seriously ill animals, and prior to surgery, we always want to do blood tests on our patients.
Hormonal tests, through which we diagnose diseases related to the endocrine glands.
Urine testing is indispensable in diseases of the urinary system such as cystitis, nephritis, urolithiasis, and other important diseases such as diabetes.
Cytological examination is a rapid method for differentiating between a number of pathologies and conditions. Histological examination is the main method of diagnosis in suspected cancer and many autoimmune diseases. We use the microbiological examination and the antibioticogram in case of suspicion of an infectious process. Finding the right cause and the right antibiotic is often crucial for the speed and success of the treatment.


We offer haircuts, nail trims, baths, and all things beauty-related. 

For exotic animals - cutting nails, cutting beaks on parrots.


Both external and internal parasites are not only unpleasant for you, but also a significant health problem for your pet. At Julyvet Veterinary Clinic we believe in the individual approach in the development of treatment schemes for deworming.

Each patient needs strictly specific protection and we will offer you the most appropriate one.


This is a method of image diagnostics, which allows us to 'peek' completely safely and stress-free in various organs and tissues of the patient. This helps us to make an accurate diagnosis of a number of diseases of the internal organs. It is also used for the early detection of pregnancy. We have some of the most experienced specialists in this field and we use the most modern equipment.

Veterinary dentistry

One of the things we focus on tirelessly at the Julyvet Clinic. We monitor the condition of our patient's teeth very strictly. We monitor and advise when dietary adjustment or dental care is needed. We offer tartar cleaning with ultrasound -a painless machine for cleaning teeth in dogs, cats, rabbits, and rodents.

Examinations and treatment of exotic animals

Ferrets, guinea pigs, bunnies, hamsters, turtles, and other exotic animals are frequent visitors. Due to the peculiarities of these animals, it is good to call by phone and make an appointment for an examination before visiting us.

Home visits

In some cases, a home visit is also possible. The convenience of home visits is that you do not have to look for transportation for your pet, as well as save them the stress of the trip.
Unfortunately, the home visit limits us, as we don't have acces to a lot of vital equipment, it also takes valuable time that can be spent on other animals at the clinic. These factors make the home visit a must only in critical casesm when nothing else can be done.


Microchipping is mandatory by law for dogs over 4 months of age. We offer not only that, but also express data entry in the Information System.

High quality foods and accessories

We offer the highest quality food and delicacies for your pets, because good nutrition is the basis of good health. Here you will find  Royal Canin, Hills, Eucanuba, Animonda and many others. For rabbits, other rodents and birds - Versele-Laga, Beaphar and others. Accessories, combs, brushes, toys, leashes, bibs and collars of Ferplast, Rogz, as well as a fairly large range of Bulgarian companies.


Echocardiography is an ultrasound examination of the heart, presenting in real time the structure and function of the organ, as well as the movement of blood through the cavities and large vessels. Our device is  generation and has Doppler diagnostics, with which we can measure the strength, gradient and direction of blood flow through the heart and blood vessels. It is done with a pre-booked appiontment only.


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