Veterinary clinic for complex veterinary treatment

Professional comprehensive treatment in a calm and friendly environment 

Our mission is – happy and healthy patients, happy and satisfied customers. We combine many years of clinical experience and a gentle attitude, with the latest achievements in veterinary medicine. All of this with special attention to each patient. We believe that the most direct path to health and happiness is prevention and proper care. We strive not to ‘cure diseases’, but to ‘cure the patient’.

Our clinic has several exam rooms so we can tend to each patient in a calm and quiet setting. All tests are performed in our personal laboratory and if we need a quick diagnosis, the state-of-the-art ultrasound comes in very handy. Our surgery is equipped with all the necessary and modern equipment and the recovery unit is right next to it – so your pet can rest and recover in a comfortable setting. We offer dentals and physiotherapy, there’s a pet store with foods and accessories. 

Professional veterinary services 

Innovative methods and tools for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prophylaxis

Clinical exam

Primary clinical examination
Monitoring exams
Specialized examination
Home visit


External deworming
Internal deworming
Subcutaneous/ intramuscular injections
Venous route/catheter
Constant rate intravenous infusion
Anal gland expressing
Nail cutting
Ear cleaning
Foxtail removal
Urinary bladder catheterization
Enema and more

Diagnostic imaging

X-ray readings


First vaccine puppy
Five/seven-way dog vaccine 
Rabies vaccine
Non-adjuvant rabies vaccine
Three-way cat vaccine
Five-way cat vaccine
Kennel cough vaccine dog – nasal/oral
Rabbit vaccine
Antifungal vaccine


Microchip (transponder)
Travel/ registration documents
Issuance of an international passport
Issuance of an health card


Complete blood count
Urine sediment
Urine biochemistry
Microbiology and antibioticogram
Fungal culture 
Microscopic sample examination
Rapid immunological tests 


Inhalation anesthesia
Treatment of skin wounds and abscesses
Male cat neutering
Female cat spaying
Male dog neutering 
Female dog spaying
Castration of ferrets, rabbits, and rodents
Cesarean section cat
Cesarean section dog
Removal of superficial tumors 
Mastectomy cat
Mastectomy dog 
Resection/ reconstructive surgery of the intestine/ stomach
Reconstructive surgery in the cranial area
Anal sac excision 

Veterinary dentistry

Dental examination
Tartar removal
Correction of teeth in rodents 
Tooth removal


Dog/Cat haircut
Dog/ Cat baths 

Our professional team

We strive to develop a caring and friendly connection with every client. 

Dr. Juliana Mihaylova

Veterinary physician

Surgery, dentistry, prophylaxis, and internal disease treatment.

Dr. Valery Zlatanov

Veterinary physician

Imaging, obstetrics and gynecology, parasitic and infectious diseases, and clinical laboratory.

Dr. Teresa

Veterinary physician

Surgery, dentistry, imaging, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Here's what our clients think

Here you can read what our clients would like to share about us and the clinic. 

Катя Любенова
Катя Любенова
Martina F.
Martina F.
Водя там и двете си котки - винаги са били перфектни с тях, а кастрацията на едната мина съвършено, още същия ден си беше щастлив енергичен котарак.
Radostina Bojkova
Radostina Bojkova
Любимо място.Страйотни специалисти и много добри хора.Юле,обичаме те!
Iliqna Grozdanova
Iliqna Grozdanova
Elena Zlatarska
Elena Zlatarska
Нели Вълкова
Нели Вълкова
Билянa Златкова
Билянa Златкова
Tanya Ilieva
Tanya Ilieva
Atanas Vassilev
Atanas Vassilev
Attentive and competent.
Kami Borisova
Kami Borisova

Sofia, ul. Slatinska bl.20


Working hours

Monday– Friday 9:00 – 20:00
Sunday– Saturday 9:00 – 14:00

Give us a call:
(+359) 2 44 30 440

(+359) 887 60 24 88 Dr. Juliana Mihaylova
(+359) 898 47 31 33 Dr. Valeri Zlatanov

Julyvet veterinary clinic

Sofia, ul. Slatinska, block 20
(+359) 2 44 30 440

Work time
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday 9:00 - 14:00

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