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We combine our many years of clinical experience with the latest advances in veterinary medicine. And we do it all with love.

Dr. Juliana Mihaylova

Dr. Juliana Mihaylova

Owner and head veterinarian

My career began in 1995, immediately after my graduation from Tracia university, Stara Zagora and I haven’t stopped growing and developing professionally since.  In 2001 JulyVet was born, with help from friend and colleague Yavor Stoyanov.
My preferred field of work is surgery, stomatology, ophthalmology, and internal diseases.

When I’m not t the clinic, my time is divided between yoga, nature, and my Czechoslovakian wolfdog Rego.

I work with a lot of love because they deserve it.

Post graduate qualification

  • Continuing Education Course Ophthalmology, Стара Загора 2011
  • Семинар по Дерматология на кучето и котката, София 2011
  • Ветеринарен бизнес форум, София 2012
  • Семинар ‘Дирофилариозата- наука и практика. Новост в профилактиката срещу дирофилариозата’, София 2016
  • Workshop ‘Ophtalmology’, Варна 2016
  • 16th BASAV Congress, Свети Константин и Елена 2016
Dr. Valery Zlatanov

Dr. Valery Zlatanov


After my high school graduation, I began studying veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry in Sofia. I was an intern at Artus veterinary clinic and after my graduation, I became a part of the Julyvet team.

My interests are in the field of radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as in the field of infectious and parasitic disease and clinical laboratory. I am the proud owner of a drahthaar called Grizzly.

Postgraduate qualifications

  • Първи образователен конгрес на Български Ветеринарен съюз, Пловдив 2010
  • Сертификат за професионална квалификация за хуманно отношение към животните по време на транспорт, ЛТУ, София 2010
  • Workshop – ехографско изследване на коремна кухина 2011
  • 11th BASAV Congress, Златни пясъци 2011
  • 12th BASAV Congress, Свети Константин и Елена 2012
  • VVC семинар, ТРУ 2012
  • Ветеринарен бизнес форум, София 2012
  • IDEXX-семинар хематология и биохимия, София 2016
  • Следдипломнна специализация по фармакология и фармако терапия, 2017
Dr. Tereza Lalovska

Dr. Tereza Lalovska


In 2006 I finished my high school education in 119 High School “Acad. M. Arnaudov ”, and then I graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry. In the first year of my studies, I started internships in various veterinary clinics and shelters, then I continued to work as an intern and then as a doctor in a 24-hour veterinary clinic in Sofia, where I gained a lot of experience in the field of emergency medicine and care for critical patients.

My interests are focused on radiology, emergency medicine, anesthesiology/pain control in animals, soft tissue surgery, and care for hospitalized animals.

From September 2018 I joined the team of Veterinary Clinic Julyvet.

I can’t determine which I like more – animals or medicine, but I know that the two things together make me a whole person. I adore my pets – a dog and a cat, both mix-breeds, which I rescued and subsequently adopted while working as a veterinarian. In my free time, I like to read everything related to veterinary medicine, walk with my dog ​​in the mountains, and travel.

Postgraduate qualifications

  • Attendance at Emergency and Critical care International Conference, Bucharest, 2014

  • Attendance at Workshop on Diagnostic Imaging in Small Animal Practice, Varna, 2015

  • Attendance at 15th BASAV Congress, Varna, 2015

  • Attendance at WSAVA CE Seminar on Emergency Medicine, Stara Zagora, 2016Attendance at Small Animal Seminar in Parasitology and Infectious Diseases, Stara Zagora, 2016

  • Attendance at Royal Canin Dermatological Seminar, Sofia, 2016

  • Attendance at 2nd Eastern European Regional Veterinary Conference, Bucharest, 2017

  • Attendance at Hill’s Veterinary Nutrition Adviser Programme Level 1, Sofia, 2017

  • Attendance at 17th BASAV Congress, Varna, 2017

  • Attendance at Continuing Education Course – Monitoring of Small Animal Anesthesia, Plovdiv, 2018

  • Attendance at VVC Conference, Stara Zagora, 2019

  • Attendance at Intensive Workshop on Small Animals Ultrasonography, Sofia, 2019

  • Attendance at 25th FECAVA EuroCongress, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019

  • Short time Internship in Small Animal Hospital in Blackburn, United Kingdom, 2019

Dr. Christiana Katsarova

Dr. Christiana Katsarova


I graduated from 157 Cesar Vallejo in 2010. Then I started my education in veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry in Sofia. I graduated in 2016 and have been working in my profession ever since.

I am a member of the Julyvet team since 2020.

I spend my free time between the company of my house friends – the Spitz Shane and the British shorthair cat Deneris. My interests are in the field of internal medicine, dietetics, and surgery.

Simeon Getov

Simeon Getov


I graduated from high school in 2016 at 35 Dobri Voynikov High School, Sofia. That same year I was accepted to study veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry, and since 2018 I have been a part of the Julayvet team.

My interests are in the field of diagnostic imaging, surgery, internal and infectious diseases. I am the proud owner of the Yorkshire terrier Atina!

Monika Grancharova

Monika Grancharova


I finished my secondary education at the Second English Language High School “Thomas Jefferson” profile chemistry and biology in 2015. I applied to Sofia University majoring in “Psychology” and spent two years there before I decided to fulfill my childhood dream, namely to become a veterinarian and help animals.

In 2017, I was admitted to the “Forestry University”, speciality Veterinary Medicine. In the same year, I started an internship in Julivet under the Ministry of Education and Science program. I remained part of the Julivet team even after the end of the program.

I live with my dog Neko Akita Inu and cats Merleau and Murphy.


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